Monday, 26 June 2017

scientists to clone ice age lion cubs

after discovering DNA in the remains of extinct Ice Age lion cubs,scientists are trying to clone them.

The remains or two cubs were found in the Sakha Republic,Russia,in nearly perfect state thanks to freezing conditions where they were found.

Scientists hope to find living tissue containing DNA in order to recreate the 12,0000 year old cave lion.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

5000 sq km iceberg about to be created

a massive section of floating ice in Antarctica is about to break away,creating one or the largest known icebergs.
A photo taken on November the 10th 2016 shows a giant crack going across Antarctica's ice shelf which is 200 km long.
scientists monitoring the crack say it has grown 16 km in the past week.
the crack only has another 13 km to crack until it turns into an iceberg.
once it breaks off the ice shelf will lose 10 percent of its area.

my opinion:It would be very sad if penguins got swept away with the iceberg.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Waitangi day

on the 6th of Feb on a sunny day people from all over NZ came to celebrate Waitangi it happened all over NZ and Waitangi had the most people.there were stands to craft and buy food at you can see lots of protesters,Maori tribes,politicions,locals,and tourists spread out through the crowd,I was sad I couldn"t go.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Jayden Poem- Inspired by The Iain Sharp Poem

Jayden is a puzzle piece joined with the people he loves.

Jayden is a gum tree reaching amazing heights.

Jayden is a v8 revving at the start line ready to race.

Whenever I am feeling sad,
Jayden makes me happy again.

Jayden is a shooting star flying around the great night sky.

Jayden is an all terrain ute skidding through the wet sloppy mud.

Jayden is the hot sun, burning hotter than lava.

Look there and there!
Bits of warm ash.
I chase them with outstretched hands.
They might be Jayden.
man to live in a rock for a week

on 1st of march a french artist was entombed in a 12 tonne boulder he is hoping to last 7 days inside the rock it had a hole for him and his food and drink to sit in and if he survived he is going to sit on 12 eggs for weeks to hopefully make them hatch he even spent a fort night in a stuffed bear eating worms and beetles,was buried under a rock for 8 days,navigated Frances Rhone river in a giant plastic corked bottle,crossed the alps in a barrel and last year he spent a week on top of a 20 meter pole outside a Paris train station.
this is very hard to believe
I wonder if the eggs will hatch
I wonder what other crazy things he will do.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

sir Edmund Hillary

sir Edmund Hillary was born on the 20th of July 1919 he was a Sherpa and a builder he was also the first
person to climb to the top of mt Everest and he built 27 schools 1 air field 2 hospitals 12 clinics and several bridges over raging rivers his parents were Percival Augustus Hillary and Getrude Hillary and he had three children called Sarah,Peter and Belinda but she died in a plane crash with her mum in 1975 and Edmund Hillary was the knight of order of the garter member of the order of NZ. I wonder how long it took to climb mt Everest

Thursday, 4 August 2016

man jumps from plane with no parachute!

a man jumped out of a plane without a parachute and he landed in a net that was close to only 5 metres long! he fell for two minutes but he had parachuters if things went wrong,maybe 100 people were watching him fall and there was concrete around the net
in my opinion: if I was him I would either not do it or make the net one km big.